Anthony curtis found his gambling spirit in the article how to win at blackjack

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Top 10 Gambling and Las Vegas Podcasts | Below is my, admittedly subjective, TOP TEN list of the best casino related podcasts. Gambling attorney Bob Nersesian is a frequent visitor as is the publisher of The Las Vegas Advisor Anthony Curtis.


The article begins with Anthony Curtis who is a blackjack conqueror. He is a regular gambler at the Binion's Horseshoe tables in Las Vegas. Curtis found his gambling spirit after reading "How to win at Blackjack" and has read many other mathematical scientific techniques on winning in Vegas.

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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, March 2002, #28

Anthony Curtis. View all posts; Guest Bloggers; Podcast; Products. Blackjack Strategy; When Bennett made frequent trips to Vegas to indulge in his passion for gambling, he had video poker or slot machines put in his hotel room along with (I kid you not) cocktail waitresses standing by to serve him.

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Anthony curtis found his gambling spirit in the article how to win at blackjack
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