Art music and entertainment in the elizabethan era

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Street music was not around for too long because of the plague, when the plague occurred towns did not let any wandering street musicians enter.

Elizabethan era

They were to play original composed music. Elizabethan Church music is peaceful and would always be in relation to the religion of the Christian. She reduced this over time until there were only 11 members by Poor Law A woodcut from circa depicting a vagrant being punished in the streets in Tudor England.

The London Corporation generally stood against the players; but the favor of the queen and nobility, added to the popular taste, in the end proved too much for the Corporation. The Queen's hostility to strict Calvinistic doctrines blocked the Radicals.

Music in the Elizabethan era

Such measures as the minuet and gavotte emerged, and in England Charles II imported many such dances after Although in practice these were oligarchicaland bore little resemblance to a modern democracythey did have democratic features and were responsive states, with forms of participation in governance and belief in liberty.

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Town music The majority of the time town music would be played when nobility arrived or on special events and occasions. The shape of the body was somewhat like the violin family instruments, but with deeper ribs, a shallow top plate and a flat back in two parts with the upper part angled to give clearance to the player.

Italy was particularly badly hit by the plague, and it has been speculated that the resulting familiarity with death caused thinkers to dwell more on their lives on Earth, rather than on spirituality and the afterlife.

This work of translation from Islamic culture, though largely unplanned and disorganized, constituted one of the greatest transmissions of ideas in history. For example, the English developed a taste for acidic foods—such as oranges for the upper class—and started to use vinegar heavily.

May be repeated for credit. The upper floors of Tudor houses were often larger than the ground floors, which would create an overhang or jetty. Popular literature has also come to include such genres as comic books and cartoon strips. It also became fashionable to go to hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and wherever else there were large dance floors and popular bands and orchestras.

Companies of actors were kept at the big baronial estates of Lord Oxford, Lord Buckingham and others. May be taken for credit in Women's Studies Program. Girls were either kept at home by their parents to help with housework or sent out to work to bring money in for the family.

The class encourages the development of a personal voice and artistic experimentation. Location on stage meant everything to a theatre musician. Soft consorts generally included the viols, flutes, recorders, krummhorns and other of the quieter instruments.

Telecommunication Industry RTV 3 credits An investigation of the forces acting upon the telecommunication industry in the United States. Other arts such as music and painting were popular during the time. Mansions were often designed to a symmetrical plan; "E" and "H" shapes were popular.

These would include wafers, comfits of sugar-spun anise or other spices, jellies and marmalades a firmer variety than we are used to, these would be more similar to our gelatin jigglerscandied fruits, spiced nuts and other such niceties.

Almost no original theological thought came out of the English Reformation: DIG C Provides a thorough foundation of 3D modeling, texturing and rendering techniques for computer animation using advanced software.

Overall, card playing was one very popular form of entertainment during the elizabethan era. If changes were required, perhaps it would be given to some well known playwright to be "doctored" before the next production.Music in the Elizabethan era Jump to navigation Jump to search.

This article may need to be rewritten entirely to During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (–), English art and high culture reached a pinnacle known as the height of the English renaissance. Elizabethan music experienced a shift in popularity from sacred to secular. Western music - The tonal era and after: to the present: The beginning of the 17th century was one of the most dramatic turning points in the history of music, even more so than the beginning of the Ars Nova and almost as revolutionary as the beginning of the 20th century.

The winds of change had been felt several decades earlier, and the establishment of the new style required several. Elizabethan Literature Summary. England prospered in the second half of Elizabeth's reign, and many of the great works of English literature were produced during these years: art, poetry, drama, and learning in general flourished as the confidence and nationalism Elizabeth inspired spilled from the economic sector to cultural achievements.

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The Elizabethan era is the epoch in the Tudor period of the history of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (–). Historians often depict it as the golden age in English history. The symbol of Britannia (a female personification of Great Britain) was first used inand often thereafter, to mark the Elizabethan age as a renaissance that inspired national pride through.

Transcript of Elizabethan Era entertainment. Types of entertainment Entertainment There were many different types of entertainment in the Elizabethan Era.

The people would participate in anything. Some of the activities include: peasantry- poor High class- Entertained with art, music and theater.

They would participate in fencing, falconry.

Art music and entertainment in the elizabethan era
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