Examination should not be abolished essay

Children are more interested in marks rather than the process of learning.

Public Examination Should Not Be Abolished

Others have also said: Examination is a spoken or written test of knowledge whereas abolish means to officially end a law, system, especially one that has existed for a long time.

This in turn led to students mugging, even burning the midnight oil to study for a particular test. They have to burn the midnight oil just because they have exams. School examinations should be abolished because: Deep breathing with light meditation will help them calm their mind.

But sometimes, for some students that are weak in certain subjects, they will seek some helps from others. Therefore, examinations should not be abolished. All the elements of school are prepared they students to pass on final examination.

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This make more of students failed on final examination. Order your authentic assignment from LivePaperHelp. They get palpitation with sweaty palms and soles. Feedback Students can receive constructive feedback immediately after the assessment has finished, hence improving learning The only feedback is usually a grade at the end of the course; no opportunities for interaction with assessor; no chance to ask how to improve Positive washback beneficial influence on teaching and learning Ongoing assessment encourages students to work consistently; provides important data for evaluation of teaching and assessment practices in general Examination is purely summative, and does not serve any teaching-related purpose; effects on teaching and learning may even be negative; may encourage teaching to the test and a focus on exam technique, rather than outcomes.

Next, exams are necessary for all the students. Some students that are not able to achieve their goals, will also be motivated and it will encourage them to study harder in order to get excellent results. We have a family, we are healthy,although our parents are not billionaires, we are not very poor, our parents can afford to send us to school, it is actually more than enough.

Jacky Harianto Should examinations be abolished? However, it is a big part of the school that all students have to go through. I have read a book recently, it was a book written by Andrew Matthews.

What I did that time was shut everyone out and try to ignore everything. Examinations fill one with fear, anxiety, dejection after failure, depression, and pride after getting a good rank.

It will motivate and keep students on their toes. That make more students failed on final examination. This reason make national examination should be abolished.

Whenever exams come, students pay much more attention to study than usual because they want to get good marks or just pass a certain exam.

When the students are doing the exams, they use all their knowledge and do the exams by themselves. Without the exams, the teachers cannot assess the true ability of a student and that is why exams are important. They will be more responsible towards their works just to be one the top.

Teacher must explain the exercise a lot. To solve that problem, the government should give the corruptors the death penalty.

Let us define examination and abolish. Students have studies for many years, but they future decided only four days of exam. Secondly, examinations test only a limited range of skills, they favour people who have a good memory and good exam techniques even though they may not be very original or imaginative.

I just tend to care too much and compare with people around me.

Exam Should Be Abolished Essay

They will be more responsible towards their works just to be one the top. What are exams, and should they be done away with entirely? We do not have to be the best. But those in favour of school examinations say they serve a useful purpose. The students will memorize all the notes given by the teachers and they will also revise all the works given to them.

Instead, we must learn to appreciate what we have. What should be done instead of sitting for exams, in my opinion, is to take the results of daily work and assignments.Essay about The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Abolished - The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Abolished Should We Abolish the Minimum Wage is not a question that should be ignore.

From the time President Roosevelt signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in the $ minimum wage has rose up to its current condition to $ an hour. ESSAY SAMPLE ON Examination Should Not Be Abolished TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU Order now For instance, if a whole group of students shows poor grades in a subject then the teacher teaching that subject can be encouraged to work harder and improve.

Essay on School Examinations Should Be Abolished Words 5 Pages Examinations, as we know it, have emerged to be the main facet of modern education in the ever-changing landscape of academia.

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Examination should not be abolished essay
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