Impact of macroeconomic variables

An application of a Vector Error Correction model. Butt, checks the stock market return of particular macroeconomic and industry variables. This could further lead to increase in unemployment. Values shows that a long run equal relation among macroeconomic variables and Islamic share price.

Agrawal, Srivastav, and Srivastava find out relationship among exchange rate and stock returns. Literature review discussed in second chapter. The result shows that Maximum capitalization companies display a negative and not statistically important relation.

The variables which are used in this research are Islamic bank rate, Exchange rate, Industrial production index. The capital market has an excessive role in the economic progress and improvement because it carries the funds from that person which has enough funds to that person which is needy.

In terms of macroeconomic reporting, the interest rate is the nominal rate. Hussin, Muhammad, Abu, and Awang, discuss the link among macroeconomic variables and development Islamic stock.

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Evidence from the Stock Market. Some of the more widely known interest rates are those for a new car loan, a used car loan, a or year fixed mortgage and the treasury bond rate.

A quick increase in inflation also disturbs negatively the act of the stock market. Journal of Economics and Business, 47 5 PAKISTAN Descriptive statistics Measures of central tendency include the mean, median and mode, while measures of variability include the standard deviation or variancethe minimum and maximum variables, kurtosis and skewness.

Stock prices show that what is current price of share of listed companies and what is the current situation of economy.

In case of increase in interest rates the amount that individuals need to pay to borrow the money will increase thereby, reducing the demand for large products in the market. On the other hand when there is an increase in GDP, the demand for products will automatically increase and hence the prices will go up.

The dynamic relationship and pricing of stocks and exchange rates: Measuring Economic Output Economic output or income is measured in terms of the gross domestic product GDPwhich is basically the combined earnings from a year's worth of goods and services produced by a country. Secondary data is used and composed from different market of Kenya.Full-Text Paper (PDF): Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Returns: Evidence from KSE Index of Pakistan.

Nov 21,  · like for my hw im support to pick 2 macroeconomic variable that i think would impact the firm i choose the most but im having trouble understanding what macroeconomic variables Resolved.

Butt,() checks the stock market return of particular macroeconomic and industry variables. The variables are industrial production, risk free rate of return.

Key macroeconomic variables include interest rates, which are a reflection of the risk of borrowing (not unlike the emotional price you might pay when borrowing cash from a family member). In terms of macroeconomic reporting, the interest rate is the nominal rate. Nominal rates are.

What Are Macroeconomic Variables?

The study uses macroeconomic variables like Index of Industrial Production (IIP), Interest Rate (IR), Wholesale Price Index (WPI), Exchange Rate (ER) and BSE stock prices. observations are used for each variable to investigate the relationship between these variables.

Macroeconomic variables, or MVs, are indicators of the overall state of a country's economy. In the United States, they include the Consumer Price Index, average prime rate, Dow Jones Average and inflation rate. The government studies MVs and attempts to keep them at certain levels in order for the.

Impact of macroeconomic variables
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