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Source L disagrees totally with Source P. Under the new Poor Law, parishes were grouped into unions and each union had to build a workhouse if they did not already have one. He saw any assistance to the poor—such as given by the old poor laws—as self-defeating, temporarily removing the pressure of want from the poor while leaving them free to increase their families, thus leading to greater number of people in want and an apparently greater need for relief.

Outdoor relief suited the poor perfectly, because it would give them enough to tide them over until they could go back to work. The usual response to this was for hours of work to be reduced, with pay reducing correspondingly and out-door relief being given to those who could not make ends meet on short-time earnings.

They also take greater care in keeping their jobs, for fear of ending up in a workhouse. This meant that the conditions of the workhouse would not be bad. Source O agrees and disagrees on some points with Source P. Some people welcomed it because they believed it would: In response to these scandals the government introduced stricter rules for those who ran the workhouses and they also set up a system of regular inspections.

Provided also, that if any such Rule shall after the same shall have come into operation be disallowed in manner herein-before mentioned, or revoked by the said Commissioners, then and in every such Case the said Commissioners shall send, by the Post, or in such Manner as they shall think fit, to every Parish or Union affected by the said Rule, Notice of such Disallowance or Revocation ; such Notice of Disallowance or Revocation to be addressed, kept, preserved, notified, and publicly inspected, and Copies thereof furnished or allowed to be taken, in such and the same Manner and subject to the same Penalties as are herein-before mentioned respecting the Rules, Orders, and Regulations of the said Commissioners.

Poor Law Amendment Act 1834

The Brockett Papers in Gateshead Central Reference Library contain material on the administration of the poor law in that area. The Commission's recommendations were based on two principles.

Source I is a totally neutral source that partially supports Source P. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners, in any Case where they see fit, to order and allow such Expences of Witnesses, and of or attending the Production of any Books, Contracts, Agreements, Accounts, or writings, or Copies thereof, to or before the said Commissioners or Assistant Commissioners, as such Commissioners may deem reasonable, to be paid as follows; that is to say, out of the Poor Rates of the respective Parish or Union which in the Opinion of the said Commissioners shall be interested or concerned in such Attendance or Production respectively in all Cases in which such Witnesses shall not go or travel more than Ten Miles from the respective Parish or Union which shall be interested or concerned as aforesaid, and in all other Cases the Expences so ordered or allowed shall be deemed as Part of the incidental Expences attending the Execution of this Act, and be paid accordingly.

Oastler uses liberty in order to bring forth images of revolution and rebellion. Essay shiraz south africa Essay shiraz south africa brahms violin sonatas analysis essay marginalia essay. Outdoor relief did continue after the PLAA was introduced.

In a real workhouse of this time the conditions would have been better than when the New Poor Law was introduced, but not as affluent as in the drawing. Source K offers only a relatively small amount of unbiased information, and because it supports Source P it also puts the usefulness of this Source in question.

Some workhouses had become harsh in the extreme with the aim of having worse conditions than the lowest paid labourer.

Mental Health History Timeline

However, not all Victorians shared this point of view. The workhouse was designed to have worse conditions than that of the lowest paid labourer, so even the very poor on the outside of the workhouse would look down upon those in the workhouse.

If dissatisfied by the reception given by the interviewing Guardians, the poor had a right to appeal to the general Board meeting. The workhouse test and the idea of "less eligibility" were therefore never mentioned. However, the Settlement Laws were used to protect ratepayers from paying too much.

They would have actually worn a uniform, and no their own clothes. In some cases, this was further accelerated as the protests very successfully undermined parts of the Amendment Act and became obsolete.

Service would mean that they would become servants in a manor house; they did this so that their children would not end up in a workhouse.

The refractory room, shown in Source B, would have not had manacles or bars on the windows. What affects behaviour nature or nurture essay What affects behaviour nature or nurture essay deeper water paul kelly essay writer australian football pools analysis essay 14 millions de cris critique essay.

This is also untrue; they would have all had chairs and wooden tables to eat at during meal hours. What is the response of the workhouse master?

Provided also, that it shall and may be lawful for any licensed Minister of the Religious Persuasion of any Inmate of such Workhouse, at all Times in the Day, on the Request of such Inmate, to visit such Workhouse for the Purpose of affording Religious Assistance to such Inmate, and also for the Purpose of instructing his Child or Children in the Principles of their Religion.

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Lunatics could not be held in a workhouse for more than a fortnight; [9]: Although this is a highly exaggerated story it does indicate that this had happened before and that it was not uncommon.

The New Poor Law Of 1834 - Assignment Example

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[14th August ] with the Words "Office of Poor Law Commissioners, pursuant to Act of Parliament passed in the Fifth Year of the Reign of His Majesty King William the Fourth," printed on the same. The Poor Law Amendment Act of was a measure of major importance, both as an administrative innovation and because of its social effects.

The Implementation of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act on Tyneside

The Ministry of Health archives in the Public Record Office include in the Poor Law Papers a very large and valuable source for the social history of nineteenth century Britain. The New Poor Law Of - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample There was so much controversy in the North because the conditions of the workhouses were far worse than in the South.

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Dec 18,  · The Act embodied the ideology of the political economists but it could be presented by its opponents as an abuse of the poor: the poor law agitation before was aimed at amelioration but after the rigour of the system generated a counter-pressure in favour of easement.

Poor law amendment act 1834 essay help
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