The history and challenges facing the federal republic of nigeria

Medical tourism is not only a Nigerian phenomenon, even people from advanced countries such as US, UK, Australia, Europe, travel to lesser developed countries for medical care. This means that a large population of Nigerian citizens are poor and vulnerable.

The country is still undergoing a learning process and will continue to strive to nurture democracy and all its institutions to full development.

This lack of civic engagement has real economic consequences. Two years earlier Nigeria had been granted a degree of autonomy with the aim of solidifying British loyalty, according to a report in the Chronicle of the twentieth Century.

At this point, the rhetoric of Universal Health Coverage is not easily reconcilable with the level of health finance and situation of NHIS and its coverage numbers. Even the government has come up with the idea of democratising the labour union by making it less dictatorial.

Besides high rates of illiteracy, another one of the many problems faced by media personnel seeking to serve in a watchdog capacity is the constant turnover of the government.

This gave rise to the series of constitutions that come into existence, to assuage the feelings of the people. State and local governments demanded access to this "windfall" revenue, creating a tug-of-war between the federal government, which sought to control spending, and state governments desiring augmented budgets, preventing the government from making provision for periods of lower oil prices.

Babatunde Osotimehin and many others. Environmentally sustainable disposal practices, like recycling, should be adopted. In only 3 political parties contested elections in Nigeria.

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If we look at large Federal countries like Mexico, US or Ethiopia, they all have far less fragmentation in the institutions that govern their health systems. Following the Napoleonic WarsGreat Britain established the West Africa Squadron in an attempt to halt the international traffic in slaves.

Cases of vote rigging and other forms of electoral fraud are common place in Nigerian elections.

Nigeria @ 58: History, Challenges, Aspirations

Healthwise, insecurity also has a negative impact as the displaced persons have limited access to adequate health care services. It draws its line from the colonial period and evaluates the colonial approach, it studied and found out the colonial system of handling unionism and how unionism erupted out of colonial system of governance.

At one time in its history, Nigeria exported agricultural products, now it is an importer. By focusing on the relationship between the government and other Nigeria Labour Congress NLC the researcher intends to create a general awareness by throwing more light and giving deep insight on the burning issue.

Governance fiscal decentralization, policy, regulations, inclusion, accountability and corruption ; Supply-side constraints functional facilities, referral system, human resources, logistics and distribution of drugs and commodities, quality standards ; Demand-side linked to cost of care, health awareness, trust and legitimacy of the State and its health system ; and Inadequate attention to the broader determinants and healthier public policies.

At that time, we realized that health is viewed primarily as a consumption sector, rather than a right as well as investment. Major-General Gowon was sworn-in as the military head of state. Source Terrorist attacks are on the rise in Nigeria, which is the increased activities of Boko Haram over the past year.

Additionally, Nigeria is also facing a relatively high inequality, worsening the problem regarding the formation of human capital.

Over students are enrolled in the program. It is a militant Islamist movement with ties to Al-Qaeda whose name translates into "Western education is forbidden.

So it is the set of people who are structurally organised workers into an association in order to improve their lot.

In other business sectors, some sell inferior products to costumers to make high profits. The Tudor Davies commission which inquired into the need for increase in the cost of living allowance COLA payable to workers at the end of the general strike posits that the springing up to various unions were quite naturally out of grievances: Instead, they transfer their money to foreign banks rather than making it useful for the nation.

The largest religious group is Muslim, making up about 50 percent of the population.

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It further x-rayed the footprint left on the sand of Nigeria by the colonialists who were the first to deal with trade unionism and how these actions of the colonialists affected Nigeria after independence till present.

The unfolding Monkey virus outbreak and how it is managed will be a great test. This lasted till January But, the coup plotters struggled to form a central government.Federal Republic of Nigeria () opined that vocational technical education is an aspect of the educational process involving, in addition to general education, the study of technologies and related sciences and the acquisition of practical skills, attitudes, understanding and knowledge.

Nigeria: The Future of Health and Promise of Primary Health Care in Nigeria

three democratic governments.8 The challenges to stability in Nigeria can be seen in the political, social and economic dimensions of the society.

Poor governance and weak. Prior to talking about the challenges facing democracy in Nigeria and solutions to them, let us take a quick look into the post-colonial democratic history of Nigeria.

Challenges Facing Democracy in Nigeria. Political Godfatherism; According to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, there are meant to be three arms of. New Ebola virus hotspots in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are threatening progress made in tackling the deadly disease and increasing its risk of spreading, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Friday.

Author Kelly Condit-Shrestha is a transnational U.S. historian of migration, childhood, adoption, and critical race, and Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Federal Republic of Nigeria, hereby specially acknowledges the contributions of the various organizations and their staff towards the successful development and production of this articulate document.

The history and challenges facing the federal republic of nigeria
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